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Partner Roles

UCL is the project coordinator, dissemination manager and clinical trial lead partner. UCL also participates in user requirements elicitation clinical validation activities and retrospective data collection and leads the efforts towards the EMBalance Examination Guidelines.

UKLFR provides existing motion capture data of patients suffering from stance and gait disorders and model-based interpretations of several balancing problems in various diseases. It utilizes a humanoid robot (PostuRob) to provide model tests of human normal and abnormal balancing and participates in the clinical validation activities and small scale trials.

UoA leads the small scale trials for diagnosis, follow up actions and treatment planning and participates in clinical proof of concept/ clinical validation activities, user requirements elicitation and retrospective data collection.

UA will contribute to the project with existing data from aerospace and aeronautics of over 300 patients during the training phase of the DSS and the initial validation. UA will lead towards the proof of concept and the verification of the EMBalance system in microgravity conditions using aerospace data.

ICCS leads the development of the advanced Decision Support System (DSS), incorporating validated multi-scale and patient-specific balance models, and undertakes the technical management of the project.

TUD will lead the extension of the modelling activities of the balance system in order to deliver the multi-scale and patient-specific EMBalance balance model and will participate in the technical validation and verification of the model.

CITY will lead the human-computer interaction design of the EMBalance platform and participate in the platform development and system integration, the decision support system development, and the proof of concept and clinical evaluation of the EMBalance platform from a usability perspective. It will also undertake responsibility for the overall quality management of the project.

UTWEN contributes to the clinical validation of the EMBalance clinical partners by comparing model responses with human responses in well-defined patient categories.

ENG will be mainly involved in the design, architecture and management of the integrated platform. Engineering will be also responsible to define the business models and exploitation strategy.

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