Institute of Digital Health


Call for Expressions of Interest: Mapping Digital Health activity across UCL

Funding available: up to £1000, including on costs.

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Wednesday 12th July

Send applications to digital.health@ucl.ac.uk with the subject line “IDH Mapping EoI”.

UCL is a world-leading institution in research and teaching in Digital Health.  The UCL Institute of Digital Health (UCL IDH) brings together the great breadth and depth expertise from all 11 faculties.  This ranges from departments /units exclusively focused on digital health topics (e.g., IHI, eHealth Unit) to collaborative projects that involve researchers who are active in other fields, and apply their expertise to digital health projects (e.g. using architectural data to improve the accuracy of epidemic predictions). UCL IDH is a virtual institute which facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations, while enabling researchers to maintain their identity in their primary research field (and UCL department).

We have performed an initial data gathering exercise to ascertain the scope of UCL’s  Digital Health activity; we now need to improve the quality of this data.  The data collected during this project needs to be suitable to:

· enable us identify researchers to facilitate  connections within UCL and for external partnerships, e.g. industry and healthcare organizations 

· identify themes for future strategic activity 

· identify areas of strength to showcase to funders and the wider world

Applications are invited from individuals or small teams to gather data on current activity, interests and expertise in Digital Health across UCL, building on the earlier data gathering exercise to extend the database of information.

Each application should include:

· Brief CV from the applicant(s) (up to 1 page per person)

· Outline of the approach to be taken and plan for the work

o This might include re-issuing the previous questionnaire.

o You might conduct brief interviews with researchers across UCL to extend the network through “snowballing”.

o You could extract information from RPS publications, grants database, IRIS, list of PhD students and supervisors...

o You may have other great ideas. Ideally the approach will significantly improve the quality of the current data while also developing a strategy for keeping it up to date.

· Timeline for gathering and presenting the data.

· An outline budget, in terms of directly incurred costs for time to complete the work (costed at appropriate point on UCL pay scale), on costs, and any other associated costs. Note that work cannot be undertaken before the right to work has been checked.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact digital.health@ucl.ac.uk