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2nd UCL Festival for Digital Health

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for improving healthcare are extraordinary and will affect the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations.

Join us to discover cutting edge technology based developments which affect healthcare providers, clinicians, individual citizens and policy makers, and have the potential to transform healthcare over the next decade.

The topics include the role of digital technology in supporting self-care and shared care, behaviour change, games-based learning for rehabilitation, opportunities in low income countries, and visualisation of health informatics. 

Make the most of this opportunity to create new partnerships, share achievements, and to network with academics, researchers, clinicians, PhD students, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

2nd UCL FDH Chair: Patty Kostkova, Principal Research Associate for ehealth, Department of Computer Science   p.kostkova@ucl.ac.uk

2nd UCL FDH Coordinator: Louise Chisholm, Research Platforms Coordinator,

Download the programme (PDF 2.5kb)


22 February


Fun & Games: digital learning, training and rehabilitation

Co-Chair: Dr Alexander Leff

Co-Chair: Tim Barnes

Co-Chair: Dr Patty Kostkova 

This event will celebrate the increasing popularity of serious games, apps for training, learning and rehabilitation. However, how do we know if they actually work?

This event will feature senior keynote speakers outlining the challenges of assessment of series games for health and a panel discussing future directions of games technologies from educational, clinical and computer science perspectives. Hands on showcase will present demos developed at UCL/ UCLP, at industry or start-ups over a glass of wine in an informal setting.

23 February


Create behaviour change by designing effective digital interventions  

Chair: Dr Caroline Wood

New technologies are increasingly being used for health promotion; however, researchers and psychologists often lack knowledge regarding the process of developing such interventions.

This half-day workshop will introduce the Behaviour Change Wheel for developing behaviour change interventions and debate the challenges of designing digital interventions (e.g. online or mobile phone). Participants will plan an idea for a potential intervention, deciding on the target group, the intervention aim, and which elements of behaviour to change

Please note that the attendance fee is £100 (+Eventbrite fees)

23 February


Rosalind Franklin Appathon: Prize and Tech Day

Chair: Prof Rachel McKendry

We are delighted to invite you to join us for our Prize and Tech Day as part of the Rosalind Franklin Appathon- a national app competition to empower and recognise women as leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine).

This free event will include some short talks from our judges, UCL Provost Professor Michael Arthur and a very special guest talk from Rosalind Franklin's sister, author and historian Professor Jenifer Glynn. We will then hear pitches from the app finalists and winners will be announced by a fantastic panel of judges, including Baroness Martha Lane Fox (Founder of Lastminute.com), Andrew Eland (Director of Social Impact Engineering, Google) and Dame Athene Donald (Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge). There will also be plenty of time for networking and a chance to try out some of the apps!

Please join us in celebrating the breadth of digital talent here in the UK and the pioneering women behind some truly innovative and exciting apps!

 24 - 25 February

All day

2nd Behaviour Change Conference 2016: Digital Health and Wellbeing

Sennate House, Malet St, London WC1E 7HU

Co-chair: Prof Susan Michie

Co-chair: Prof Ann Blandford

This 2 day conference will bring the science of behaviour change, health, and technology expertise across disciplines to all those interested in developing and evaluating digital interventions and products.

This offers a unique opportunity to connect and network with an audience of over 300 academics and industry partners, enabling you to reach out to many of the leading figures within the behaviour change arena.

Our keynote speakers include: Dr. John Powell, University of Oxford; Dr. Donna Spruijt-Metz, University of Southern California and Dr. Cecily Morrison, Microsoft Research Cambridge.

26 February


The Design and Use of Medication and Technology: Creating Connections

Co-Chair: Dr Dominic Furniss

Co-Chair: Dr Mine Orlu Gul

This event is designed to create connections between ideas and between people. The ideas revolve around the design and use of medication and technology, e.g. How do we design medication and technology that is useful, usable and used? How do we understand patient needs and improve their experiences? How can we influence behaviour and improve adherence? How do we design systems of medication and technology to be satisfying and safe?

In terms of creating connections between people this event will explore research synergies between UCLIC and The UCL School of Pharmacy, and we welcome people from other related areas in UCL too.

29 February

3:30 -6 pm

Self-care, shared care: rethinking the management of long-term conditions

Chair: Prof Ann Blandford

With new technologies (patient-controlled electronic health records, unprecedented access to health information, wearables and sensors for monitoring, novel digital interventions, etc.) there are great new opportunities for prevention and for managing long-term conditions. There is also a financial push: as more becomes possible, it will be necessary to manage more care outside clinical settings, with people taking greater responsibility for their own and their families’ health.

These changes present new challenges: in re-thinking the role of the patient, of their family and friends, of the clinician and the system of care, and in reviewing what is and should be possible using digital technologies. In this event, we will present ongoing research into digitally-enabled approaches to supporting self-care and shared care. We will then work in groups to explore utopian and dystopian visions of the future, and a small prize will be awarded to the  group presenting the most compelling vision.

1 March

9:30am - 5pm

#DataSavesLives: using health data to improve public health

Chair: Prof Harry Hemingway

The Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research/UCL IHI will showcase the world-class research and breadth of activities of the Institute during a full, one-day programme of events including interactive demonstrations, workshops and discussions. The aim is to stimulate interest and debate in new frontiers in health informatics and its application by highlighting key areas where research has had a pivotal influence on understanding the causes and development of disease, drug safety monitoring and health policy evaluation through our research using electronic health records. We will also showcase novel methods in health informatics and opportunities for training and collaboration. There will be a chance to network both during and after the event.

2 March

11am - 1pm

Data Sans Frontières: Opportunities and challenges for data-driven health security for emergencies

Co-Chair: Dr Olivia Stevenson

Co-Chair: Dr Patty Kostkova
The topic will be specified closer to the event.
Please note: this is a closed event, through invitation only.

2 March

2pm - 7pm

Global Health: the next frontiers

Chair: Dr Edward Fottrell

This event focus on the new opportunities and challenges opened by the digital technology for global health in developed, middle and low income settings covering new frontiers for outbreaks and response (outbreak risk assessment, citizens science and surveillance) and novel technology for training, capacity building and improvements of healthcare systems. The event will discuss opportunities and challenges from medical and technological perspectives and outline vision for the future.

Photographs display will showcase global health projects and enable informal networking including a competition for the best photograph/project voted by the participants.

4 March

9am -12:30pm

Neurology + digital health – transforming treatment and care for patients

Co-Chair: Charlie Davie, Managing Director at UCLPartners AHSN

Co-Chair: Andrew Morris, Director at Farr Institute Scotland and Director for Informatics at UCLPartners

There are over 10 million people in the UK living with a neurological condition, which has a significant impact on their lives. The majority of these individuals manage their own condition on a day to day basis but struggle to find the right help when it is necessary. Advances in digital health have incredible potential to revolutionise management for people living with neurological disease. This workshop will showcase some of the innovations that are being developed to support patients across the neurological spectrum and tackle some of the bigger questions on how technology can be used faster and smarter to empower these 10 million people.