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Inclusive Urban and Rural Communities promoting Active and Healthy Ageing

The Health and the DG CONNECT of the European Commission through the "2016 Call for Commitments" invited organisations across Europe to come forward with projects and initiatives that they will implement in the coming 3 years to promote Active and Healthy Ageing, as part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA). These multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral initiatives, named as Commitments are organised within Action Groups and help influence the overall priorities of the EIP on AHA as well as the future policies of Europe on the subject.

The Bartlett leads an EU Commitment in Action Group D4 since September 2016, under the title ‘Inclusive Urban and Rural Communities’, led by Dr Evangelia Chrysikou. This Commitment is about new design paradigms that involve environments for the care and treatment of people and for sustaining healthy societies. The main goal is an environment, urban and rural, inclusive for people over 55 in a way that would allow them to be healthy, independent and active citizens across the lifespan and able to contribute to the silver economy.

Dr Chrysikou represented the Built Environment sector at the 2nd European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing held in Brussels in December. An important outcome of the summit and in particular through the work of the D4 action group was the conclusion that technology alone could not be enough and there is a clear need for special consideration to be paid to the Built Environment. Also, as far as healthy ageing is concerned, it is of great importance for professionals and citizens to be exposed to the concept as early as possible, preferably from the early stages of their education.

For further information contact  Dr Evangelia Chrysikou

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