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The Centre for Anthropology aims to be the leading research hub which locates digital technologies in the rich context of human society and culture... full description


The volume edited by Heather Horst and Daniel Miller is the manifesto for the Centre of Digital Anthropology and is the handbook for the Master... full description





See past MSc Dissertations

Azeez, Ola-Walé (2011) Towards Revolution 2.0: Digital Communications Media in Cairo Under the State of Emergency
Bell, Danielle (2010) Objectified Phenomenology in Competitive Gamescapes
Braybrooke, Kaitlyn (2011) She-Hackers: Millennials and Gender in European F/LOSS Communities
Christmas, Salina (2011) The Use of Emails in Mobilising Neighbourhood Watch on a Road in Brixton
Cook, Chloe (2011) Computer Says No? An Exploration of Technological Breakdowns in Office Life
Falter, Jonas (2011) The Life in the United Kingdom Test: An Anthropological Perspective
Fu, Beini (2010) Digital Kinship: Ethnography on Digital Practice of Families in Shanghai
Fuentes, Giustina Trevisi (2011) “Tell the Truth. Uncover a Few Secrets": Secret Communication Systems in Facebook
Gong, Ping (2011) Disaster and Media Society: An Ethnographic Research on the Wenchuan Earthquake from Chengdu
Grigoryan, Lusine (2010) Armenians on Facebook: Activism in the Private-Public Domain
Guado, Alessandra (2011) Digital Music: An Anthropological Perspective
Kim, Minjee (2011) The Google Art Project: Remediation and Postmodern Art Curatorship
Ku, Yun (2011) Tagging Photos, Tagging Relationships: Facebook Photo-tagging by College Students in Taipei
Langevine, Beverly (2010) The Role of Digital Media for Churches, Believers and Religion: The Practice and Mediation of Digital Religion in Everyday Life
Merrill, Andrew (2011) Spectral Songdo: Imagining Songdo IBD through (im)Material Culture, or Anthropological Experiments on the Virtual Frontier
Papamatthaiaki, Lida (2011) Mastering the Ethnography of Food Blogs: Theoretical Approaches to the Digitization of Food
Pollinger, Nikolas (2011) Lessons from the MyFarm Field: Applying Public Sphere Theory to Account for the Emergence, Survival and Growth of Internet Mediated Participation Initiatives
Ramirez, Maria (2011) Filial Love, Dist@nce, Coffee and Sugar Cane: the Colombian Case
Saunders, Elizabeth (2011) Should We ‘Like’ Nestlé? Understanding the Role of Social Media Through Anti-Human Trafficking Activism
Schroer, Brian (2011) Beyond Ones and Zeros: A Critical Ethnographic Analysis of Work and Life in the Silicon Valley
Singh, Rachel (2010) From Ambient Streams to Ambient Senses: Technosocial Practices and Situations of Older Adults Living in Ireland
Spyer, Juliano (2011) Making Up Art, Videos and Fame: The Creation of Social Order in the Informal Realm of YouTube Beauty Gurus
Sreberny-Mohammadi, Leili (2010) Digitally Green: Vision and Visibility in Post-election Iran
Tuygan, Elvin (2010) Identity performance and social networking in Farmville
Vakili, Puya (2011) Bumping and Grinding: Analyzing Communication, Identity and Technology on Mobile Social Networks
Vieira, Luiz (2011) Beyond Woodstock: Digital Transgressions and the Never Ending Party
Westman, Peter (2011) Playing with the Team: Communities of Practice in the Taking the Field Digital Storytelling Project
Williamson, Ian (2011) Between Institutional Goals and Personal Aspirations: A Study of Individual Motivations and Nonhuman Agency Within the Voice of Kibera Sociotechnical System
Wojnarowska, Anna (2011) Bodily Integrity and Technological Struggles: How Patients and Staff Cope With the Reality of the Hospital
Yan, Wen (2011) Inside Digital Fandom: An Ethnographic Approach to an Online Fan Community