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Timeline and Assessment


The MSc is nominally completed in one year of full-time study or two years part-time. In the Autumn term students enroll in the Digital Anthropology core course (and possibly one optional course), followed in the Spring term by the second half of the core course and 2-3 optional courses. The two-hour written exam is administered in the third term (usually in May), and the bulk of dissertation research and writing is conducted between May and August, with submission in mid-September. Those studying part-time are generally restricted to enrollment in the core course in their first year (with the exam in term 3 of that year), while all optional courses and dissertation research/writing occur in the second year. Fees for part-time study are typically half the fees of full-time study in any given year. According to the 2012/13 academic calendar (PDF), the term schedule is as follows:

Term 1: 24 Sep 12 - 14 Dec 12
Term 2: 7 Jan 13 - 22 Mar 13
Term 3: 22 Apr 13 - 07 Jun 13

This diagram illustrates the individually assessed components of the programme. The area of each box is proportional to its weighting (the upper layer represents the core course, the middle layer the options, and the bottom half the dissertation).