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Elad Ben Elul

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Elad Ben Elul, London, Digital archivist and media journalist

Coming from the world of journalism and art I love discovering new people and places, which naturally led me to anthropology. My hope is to always bring together my love for social research, writing and creating through various artistic, academic and professional schemes. Upon completing my MSc in digital anthropology I founded a business that is a direct result of my research on the future of the family photo album. “The Album People” is a digital archiving project that hopes to consult families about the storage of their memories in digital formats.

My single year in UCL’s anthropology department is perhaps the most significant in my life as it both challenged my patterns of thought and opened my mind but also accommodated my own ideas and values very well. Observing digital life from an anthropological perspective means I am not swept in romantic notions on revolution, power or “proper” use but constantly strive to seek the unique experiences around digital media and understand it from within.


Dissertation link: “Memory Sticks: Domestic archiving among Ghanaians abroad

The service I founded for domestic digital archiving: