UCL Dementia


Facts and Figures


UCL researchers have won 29 Nobel Prizes, 18 of them in Physiology or Medicine, and a third of them for neuroscience. 

Our community includes the 2013 and 2014 Nobel Prize winners, and four of the world's ten most highly-cited neuroscientists. 


We are ranked 2nd in the world, and 1st in Europe, in neuroscience and behaviour


We are the top-rated UK university in Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience in terms of research strength


We generate over 30% of the UK's contribution to the most highly cited publications in neuroscience, more than twice as much as any other university


We produce 65% and 44% of the UK's contribution to the world's most highly cited papers in neuroimaging and clinical neurology, 5X that of the next highest UK institution


We are #1 in the UK in dementia research output with>15% of total UK output and 35% of the top cited UK dementia publications 

Internationally only Harvard and INSERM publish more


We were rated 1st and 2nd in the Evington report into social and care research in dementia