UCL Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Dr. Kate Rowley

kate rowley

I completed my M.A linguistics at UCL in September 2006.  Prior to this, I studied Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol from 2001-2004 and this course led me to become interested in sign linguistics and sign language research. 

In 2013, I completed an MSc in Psychology Research Methods at UCL. In April 2018, I passed my PhD where I explored visual word recognition and reading processes in deaf and hearing adults using eye-tracking technology. In particular, I looked at the interplay between orthographic, semantic and phonological information in deaf readers. I am now working part time as a Research Associate on the Language Attitudes project, where we are exploring the opinions of the British Deaf Community on BSL, SSE, regional variation etc. I am looking at how different factors such as age, gender, education etc. may have an impact on language attitude. I am also working part-time as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at City, University of London evaluating an integrated phonics and language programme to improve reading in deaf and hearing children. I am also currently coordinating the module, 'Deafness: Cognition and Language' and responsible for the marketing of the DCAL Assessment Portal. 

I have previously worked on Specific Language Impairment in BSL and looked at the Language and Identity of young deaf people in different educational settings. I teach basic sign linguistics and sign language acquisition at DCAL and I have worked with the NDCS to deliver training for family support workers. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my research knowledge with the deaf community.

Direct contact: Dr. Kate Rowley