Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Sannah Gulamani


I have a BA in Music and my career has been focused on deaf education and developing various accessible topical resources, inspired by my want to encourage positive music learning amongst deaf children and adults. However, subsequently I developed a strong interest in sign language linguistics; in particular, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition and the role of gesture in language learning.

I’ve been based at DCAL since 2013, firstly as an intern (2013-2014) and then a research assistant (2014-2017) working on several projects associated with the BSL Corpus looking at directional verbs, inalienable possession, constructed action vs. classifiers, buoys, lexical signs and lemmatisation. As well as this, I worked on developing features in the BSL Signbank, our online lexical dictionary. Such features involve the development of regional pages and a BSL-English search function. I also worked on the Digging into Signs Project (a joint project with Radbound University), developing standard annotation practices for cross-linguistics, and quantitative analysis of sign language data. I have also been involved in other small projects at DCAL, looking at language development in D/deaf babies and children, and intervention methods and the testing of science concepts.

My role now is as a part-time Project Administrator for the BSL Syntax Project and my duties involve providing administrative support to this project and to the DCAL centre. The other days I work at DCAL as a Reasonable Adjustment Co-ordinator, managing interpreting and communication support bookings. DCAL is a wonderful environment to be part of, linguistically rich and working with multi-talented people.

E-mail: s.gulamani@ucl.ac.uk