Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Professor Adam Kendon

Adam Kendon studied botany, physiology, zoology and experimental psychology at Cambridge and in 1963 was awarded a D.Phil from Oxford. He has worked in the United States, Australia and Italy on face-to-face interaction, sign languages, and gesture. His books include Sign Languages of Aboriginal Australia (Cambridge 1988); a collection of previously published papers, Conducting Interaction (Cambridge 1990), and Gesture: Visible Action as Utterance (Cambridge 2004). He has also published an English translation of a treatise from 1832 by Andrea de Jorio on Neapolitan gesture under the title Gesture in Naples and Gesture in Classical Antiquity (Indiana 2000). He is the editor-in-chief of Gesture (published  from 2001 by John Benjamins) and of the book series Gesture Studies, also published by John Benjamins.  His interests include the implications of gesture and sign for conceptions of ‘language’ and the place of gesture in theories of language origins.