Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Professor Gary Morgan (City University London)

As an undergraduate I was trained in the traditional approaches to studying language development and most of my early research compared signed and spoken language acquisition. In 2002 I co-edited a volume for the IASCL series on this topic. When I moved to a speech and language therapy department at City University London I became interested in developmental language impairments and when we started the DCAL centre one of the first projects was looking for the existence of SLI in signing children. This research revealed common and differing patterns of breakdown. My other long term interest has been in the relationship between language and cognitive development. I have examined how early communication and language relates to deaf and hearing children’s Theory of Mind and also Executive Functions. Currently I have reacted to how young deaf children are increasingly using spoken language, to explore what might explain the variability in how successful this is.

In other work I interested in how signed languages have evolved from co-speech gesture and what role language development has played during this transition.

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