Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Jim Kyle

Prof. Jim Kyle

Jim Kyle is Professor of Deaf Studies  at the University of Bristol in the Centre for Deaf Studies.  Starting out work in Experimental Psychology, he became involved in Deaf issues in a national examination of the educational attainment of Deaf children in the UK.  Over 60 research grants later, he is firmly focused on Deaf Studies and the understanding of sign language and Deaf culture.  The research carried out ranges from work with young children to elderly deaf people, analysis of Deafblind experience, large scale surveys of Deaf people to complex multi-national projects in telecommunications. 

There are three major priorities in current work:

  1. Deaf children’s early sign language acquisition and support to families. 
  2. Telecommunications and Visual information services in particular, videophones and access to information in BSL. There are resources for Deaf people (www.deafstation.org and for hearing people (www.signstation.org) and for people on the move (www.mobilesign.org). In REACH112 there is a national Total Conversation Service with over 2000 users and a relay service, with access to emergency services (www.myfriendcentral.com and www.reach112.co.uk)
  3. Deaf community, language and legal issues in access. This covers the nature of the Deaf community, its everyday life, expectations and access to the community as a whole. This has been used to support work in courts, with legal service professionals and with the police.