UCL Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Former DCAL staff and students

Jane Archer (Reasonable Adjustment Co-ordinator)

Elizabeth Graham (DCAL Interpreter)

Klimis Antzakas (Student)

Gabriel Arellano (Student)

Hattie Bowden (Research Assistant)

Dr. Cheryl Capek (Researcher) 

Sajida Chaudhary (Support Admin Staff)

Richard Daws (Research Assistant)

Dr. Tanya Denmark (Researcher)

Maxwell P. L. Barber (Research Assistant)

Helen Earis (Student) 

Frances Elton (Co-ordinator of Sign Language and Deaf Studies - retired)

Rachel England (Research Assistant)

Lulu Friedli (Deaf Community Liaison Officer)

Karine Gazarian (Research Assistant) 

Dr. Gabrielle Hodge (Researcher)

Laura Goldberg (Research Assistant)

Zoe Haws (Research Assistant)

Dr. Anna Jones (Researcher)

Martine Laverty (PA to Bencie Woll/Centre Secretary)

Jenny Lu (Research Assistant)

Rebecca Lyness (PhD Student)

Dr. Barbara Manini (Researcher)

Dr. Wolfgang Mann (Researcher)

Dr. Laura Monroy (PhD Student)

Dr. Victoria Mousley (PhD Student)

Karen Newby (DCAL Interpreters)

Dr. Eleni Orfanidou (Researcher)

Gerardo Ortega (PhD Student)

Dr. Manjula Patrick - Co-Director of Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Pamela Perniss (Research Staff)

Alison Phillips (PA to Bencie Woll/Centre Secretary)

Hannah Phillips-Haynes (PA to Dr. Mairéad MacSweeney/Centre Secretary/Course Administrator)

Amelia Ralph-Lewis (Administrative Assistant)

Sarah Reed (Associate)

Ramas Rentelis (Research Assistant)

Sally Reynolds (Research Assistant)

Lilli Risner (Deaf Community Liaison Officer)

Zed Sevcikova (PhD Student)

Sharita Sharma (PhD Student)

Zoe Shergold (Student/Researcher)

Sandra Smith (Research Assistant)

Dr. Rose Stamp (PhD Student)

Esayu H. Tamene (PhD Student)

Dr. Robin Thompson (Researcher)

Dr. Tyron Woolfe (Researcher)

Andrea Davenport (PA to Bencie Woll/Centre Secretary)