Maintenance: top 10 tips to keep your bike in good shape

1. Check your tyres regularly

Replace them if they show signs of wear or damage. 

2. Pump up your tyres until they are too hard to squeeze


This reduces punctures and makes cycling easier. 

3. Check your brakes

 They should stop the wheel fully when the lever is only part pulled. 

4. Don't allow your brakes to skim the wheels

This will slow you down. 

5. Oil the chain

For smoother gear transaction. If it squeaks, or is brown, it needs some oil. 

6. Listen for noises

Squeaks, rattles and scraping suggests something needs attention . 

7. Keep your bike under cover if possible

This will prolong its life and reduce maintenance. 

8. Get the seat height right

Having it too low will make cycling hard work. 

9. Make sure your gears change smoothly

You may need professional help to adjust them.

10. Check that wheels spin smoothly

Turn your bike upside down and spin the wheels. Any wobbles, or a less than perfect spinning circle, suggests expert advice is required. 


Need help or advice maintaining your bike?

Bike Logic run regular bike maintenance sessions. Just check the events page for the next one. 

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