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94 ways that UCL Students look after their mind: Results from our men's mental health pop up!

28 November 2016


If you remember from our post a couple of weeks back, UCL Student Support & Wellbeing, UCLU Heads Up Campaign and Planet Organic hosted a pop-up in the Main Quad (later moved to North Cloisters due to poor weather) to raise awareness about men's mental health. Today, we share with you how it went and in what ways UCL Students said they look after their mind!


The idea behind the pop-up was to raise awareness about men's mental health and to encourage conversations about it. We attracted passers-by with smoothies and free goodie bags full of snacks from Planet Organic. Everyone was very pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the snacks, and the smoothie bike turned out to be great deal of fun and a good way to take out your frustrations on frozen chunks of fruit! 

The afternoon was filled with discussions about men's mental health. Students opened about any problems they or their friends experienced, inquired about support available to them and many promised to look after their mental wellbeing more. In fact, just asking people to write on the white board about how they look after their mind made people reflect on their own mental wellbeing, with some admitting that they don't actively do anything for it. 


Speaking of the white board, this is how students said they look after their mind; see if you notice any patterns and if there any tips you can take on board: 

  1. Use headspace (App)
  2. Football every weekend
  3. Don't hold back
  4. Phone my friends
  5. Pray
  6. Exercise that's nice
  7. Heavy exercise (e.g. running/swimming)
  8. Play boardgames
  9. Yoga
  10. Opening up to loved ones
  11. We share emotions
  12. Talk to a friend
  13. Have a chat with my mum
  14. Listen to music & write
  15. Have a laugh with a friend
  16. Get one with nature
  17. Shouting
  18. Exercise
  19. Talk to your friend
  20. Basketball ♥
  21. Be open about how you feel
  22. Question your thoughts
  23. Keep a diary and re-read it
  24. Mood Gym + Peer Talks + Read
  25. Talk (+meditate)
  26. Yoga and Pilates
  27. Talk to others about your problems
  28. Playing computer games
  29. Chin up, carry on!
  30. Mindfulness meditation!
  31. Stay busy
  32. Talk + Vapour meditation
  33. Yoga
  34. Listen to new music!
  35. Gym
  36. Being around friends!
  37. Sleep
  38. Focus on  yourself, not others
  39. Don't be afraid 2 share your feelings!
  40. Sleep
  41. Cycling
  42. Just generally chatting to friends + family
  43. Seek CBT
  44. Exercise
  45. Listen to music
  46. Get outside for a walk, have a think & then share
  47. Cry with your friends
  48. Talk to people you trust
  49. Eat + sleep healthy
  50. Exercise!! 
  51. Mindfulness Meditation 
  52. Cats
  53. Don't bottle it up!
  54. Have an early night
  55. Fitness & Health ♥
  56. I gym everyday + drink lemon water + watch a lot of comedy shows
  57. Family
  58. Music ♫
  59. Run
  60. Basketball + YouTube
  61. Watch the sunrise ☀
  62. Yoga!
  63. Never give up
  64. I write poems
  65. Garden ✿
  66. Talk about what's bothering u :)
  67. Exercise + Positive mindset ♥
  68. Music and Gym
  69. Exercise! + wine
  70. Shopping & mani-pedi
  71. Work 1 shift a week @ a pub, it's good to work that's not academic sometimes
  72. Question your thoughts
  73. Don't be afraid to rely on your friends and family for support when you need it
  74. Listen to music & write
  75. Talk to people and get out in the world
  76. Do something creative! =)
  77. Listen to warm music or watch warm TVs
  78. Pull-ups
  79. Hot pot. Music. Exercise
  80. Talk to my friend!
  81. Meditaiton
  82. Rowing
  83. Enough sleep. Music. Travel. ^^
  84. Yeah Rums!! Sports
  85. Speak to friends + family
  86. Meditate and hide from everything for a day or two
  87. Express your self
  88. Have some time to relax alone
  89. Keep diary entries
  90. Share your worries/feelings!
  91. Jazz
  92. Socialise + Relax regularly
  93. Music & heavy drinking
  94. Do Diabolo during revision

So how do YOU look after your mind?

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By Natalia Mladentseva, SSW Blog Editor and Recent UCL Graduate.

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