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Student status

This information includes guidance on your student record and how to make sure it's up to date, how to prove you are a student, how to change your research status, make changes to your courses or programmes, and how to re-enrol for your next year of study.

Extension of ID cards and access to services for students taking Late Summer Assessments

If you’re taking Late Summer Assessments (LSAs) this August, you will continue to have access to all the same services and facilities throughout the summer period. This includes entry into libraries, laptop loans, printing and scanning facilities, access to Moodle, and all other support services. Your access will be extended automatically and you do not need to contact UCL to request this. 

If you’re taking LSAs and your ID card expiry date is earlier, please disregard this – you will be able to continue using your ID card even after this date has passed, until September 2021.

Updating your details

Link to Your students status

You need to make sure that your contact details are up to date so you don't miss out on important information.

Confirmation of registration and award

Link to Fee schedules

Some organisations, like banks or the council, might ask you to prove your student status by providing this statement.

Module registration


Find out how to register for modules, where to find information about modules at UCL, and how the approval process works.

Changes to your studies

Link to Change your degree programme or course units

Find out how to make changes to your modules or programme, how to interupt your studies, or how to defer an assessment.

Intercollegiate Study

Intercollegiate Study

Information about Intercollegiate Study and how to apply to study a module at another University of London member institution.

Research students

Link to Research students

Guidance on how to upgrade from MPhil to PhD and make other changes to your research status.

Your UCL ID card

Link to ID cards

Find out how to get your UCL ID card or a replacement - you'll need it to access buildings and services at UCL.


Link to Enrolment

Find out how to enrol and continue your studies at UCL and make sure that your studies are not interrupted. 

Graduation ceremonies

Link to Graduation

Everyone who receives a degree or graduate diploma from UCL can attend a graduation ceremony.


Link to Portico

Access our online portal for students, where you can view and make changes to your student record.