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Absence from UCL

If you are absent from UCL for more than two consecutive days, you must tell the appropriate UCL officer the reason for your absence immediately. For students in the Faculties of Clinical Sciences and the Built Environment this will be your Faculty Tutor; for students in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences (other than medical students), Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Social and Historical Sciences this will be your Departmental/Programme Tutor; for medical students on the Bloomsbury campus, the Faculty Tutor and for medical students on the Hampstead campus either the Sub-Dean for Student Welfare or the Clinical Sub-Dean. If you are a student in the Faculty of Laws you should contact the Sub-Dean. If you are away for one week or more, you must also report immediately to your Departmental Tutor on your return to UCL, bringing with you a medical certificate where appropriate.You should contact either UCL  Ridgemount Practice or your General Practitioner or, if based at the Hampstead campus, the Royal Free Occupational Health service for advice about attendance at UCL, if you are suffering from or have been in contact with serious infectious or tropical diseases.

If you are absent from an examination for any reason, you must inform your Departmental/Programme Tutor as soon as possible. If you are absent from University or UCL-based examinations because of illness or accident, you must provide your Departmental/Programme Tutor with medical certificates. Your certified illness will be notified to the relevant Board of Examiners. You must do this as soon as possible after the examination(s) in question, and in any event BEFORE the final meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners.

If you have suffered illness or some other problem that has interfered with your revision for examinations, you must inform your Departmental/Programme Tutor at the time or immediately afterwards.

If you have special reasons for wishing to be absent from UCL during term-time, you must first obtain the permission of your Faculty Tutor, or, if you are a Laws student, the Sub-Dean.

UCL is required to report to your Local Education Authority or other grant-awarding body any period when you are absent from your programme without leave (other than a period of not more than 28 days due to illness). If you are contemplating withdrawal from UCL for whatever reason, you must discuss the matter in the first instance with your Departmental/Programme Tutor from whom suitable advice may be obtained. If you hold a Student Loan and you do withdraw from UCL, you must inform the Student Loans Company of your withdrawal.