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Inoue Masaru Scholarships (UCL 1863 Japan Scholarships)

  1. Two scholarships known as the Inoue Masaru Scholarships are available each session under the University College London 1863 Japan Scholarships Scheme to enable University College London students to study at a Japanese University.
  2. The value of the scholarships are £2000 each.
  3. Candidates must be registered students of University College London who are reading for a first or higher degree.
  4. The scholarships may be used for the collection of material for a thesis or for attendance at a course of study recognised for credit purposes. They may also be used for cultural and educational experience in which case an interruption of course would need to be approved.
  5. To apply for this funding, students must provide a letter addressed to the Student Funding Office, outlining their objectives in visiting Japan and how this relates to their area of study or their cultural purpose.  This must be accompanied by a letter of support from their tutor or Head of Department.  Applications must be submitted by email to studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk.
  6. Deadline to apply is 30 June
  7. Payment will be made a the start of the next academic year (October)
  8. The qualifications of candidates will be considered by an academic selection panel. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that obtaining such an opportunity to study in Japan will lead to improved Anglo-Japanese understanding.
  9. The scholarships are tenable for one session or part of a session.
  10. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.