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Hotine Exhibition

Provided from 1972 from a fund subscribed in memory of Brigadier Martin Hotine, sometime Director of Surveys at the War Office and subsequently Director of the Directorate of Overseas Survey

  1. The Exhibition, known as the Hotine Exhibition, may be awarded in each session.

  2. The Exhibition is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Faculty of Engineering.

  3. The Exhibition is awarded to the most promising student for the MSc Degree in the courses offered by the Department of Geomatic Engineering, having regard to performance in the written examination and to financial need.

  4. The value of the Exhibition is £330.

  5. Candidates must send written notice of their intention to compete for the Exhibition to the Head of the Department of Geomatic Engineering on or before 15 May or such other date as may be announced from time to time.

  6. The qualifications of the candidates are considered by a Selection Committee consisting of the Head of the Department of Geomatic Engineering and a member nominated by the Standing Committee of the Commonwealth Survey Officers' Conference or a body selected by this Committee to act for it.

  7. Payment of the Exhibition is normally made in July.

  8. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.