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Repeat Fees

Repeating means both re-doing the assessments and attending all the classes and seminars. A full-time repeat student pays tuition fees for the entire year again (although this can be reduced at the request of the academic department). A part-time repeat student pays tuition fees pro-rata i.e. according to the number of modules they are repeating, plus assessment re-submissions.

A part-time re-sit student does not pay tuition fees and just re-submits assessments. However, a re-sit/exam fee may be applicable (see Exams for details).


For course-unit programmes, a part-time repeat student will pay for every 0.5 course unit they repeat.

For non-course-unit programmes, a part-time repeat student will pay 50% of the full-time fee.


Part-time repeat students will pay fees based on the credit weighting of the module or modules they are repeating.

If you need assistance in calculating your part-time repeat fees, please e-mail fees@ucl.ac.uk quoting your UCL student ID number and details about the units/modules/credits you intend to repeat.