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Paying Your Fees

Fees Overview

Each student is charged a fee for each academic year of study. Fees, based on information held on the student information system, are calculated accordingly around the point of enrolment but will, during the academic year, be updated/amended in the event of any registration change. Students are advised to regularly monitor their Portico accounts for updates. The fee charged covers all elements of registration, enrolment, tuition, supervision and examination for each full/part academic year  which a student is enrolled. The fee also includes membership of UCL Student’s Union. It does not cover living costs, books or materials or travel. Fees generally increase annually and are set approximately 15 months before the start of the academic session to which they apply.

Student Responsibility for Fees

When a student accepts a place to study at UCL they assume responsibility for the payment of their tuition fees. A student must therefore have sufficient financial resources available in this country to meet the fees, maintenance and other expenses that may be incurred throughout their programme of study. Fee levels can be found on the Fee Schedules (please note that fees for subsequent years are subject to increase).

Time-Limited Enrolment

Students enrolling at the start of an academic year,  who do not pay fees or provide the required evidence of sponsorship (see “Sponsored Students”) at enrolment will be given 'Time Limited Enrolment'. Time Limited Enrolment expires on 31 October each year and, by this date, it is essential that 50% of a student’s personal fee liability for the academic year is paid. In addition, any sponsorship (internal/external) must be recorded on a student’s Portico account by this date. Students in receipt of fee funding from Student Finance England are not required to provide written evidence of their fee award. Failure to comply to the terms of Time limited Enrolment could lead to a loss of services/facilities and, ultimately, the suspension of a student’s  registration.  Please note that students enrolled as TLE will not receive any UCL or SLC loan, bursary or studentship payments.  Once the TLE conditions have been met, a student’s registration, on Portico, will be updated to “Enrolled”.

When to Pay Your Own Fee Liability

Paper invoices are not sent to students although a student can, from their Portico account, print their own Fee Notification (pro-forma invoice).  Fees can be paid in advance of enrolment, at enrolment or at the latest by 31 October each year.  A minimum payment of 50% is required by 31 October although the full amount may be paid. Second instalments are due by the following 1 February. Students will be able to see their Fee transactions (amounts, deadlines etc.) and pay online via Portico.

Overseas Undergraduates Paying in Full

New overseas self-financing undergraduate students are offered the facility of paying for their whole programme of study in advance at the start of their first year, with the fee level fixed at the rate of their first year of study. Applications to pay in this way should be made, in writing, to the Student Fees Office prior to the programme of study and payment must be made in full before, or at, enrolment.

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