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UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is providing support for students affected by the recent terror attacks. Further information can be found on ourĀ International Support Page.


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The Hardship Fund Sponsors

The Hardship Fund Sponsors

Alumni Fund Awards are made possible by annual donations to the Scholarships & Bursary Fund from UCL alumni, staff and friends. Combined with donations from members of the UCL Women's Dining Club, these sources of funding provide significant support for students in financial need.
M.J.M. Hill Fund Founded in 1924 by colleagues, old students, and friends of Professor M.J.M. Hill to commemorate his tenure of the Astor Chair of Mathematics, 1884-1924. This fund is used to assist students who have shown special proficiency in Mathematics.
UCL Student Hardship Fund Established with funds from UCL. In addition this is augmented annually through donations from alumni, staff and friends of UCL
Barrow Emanuel Bursary Founded in 1934 with a sum bequeathed by Leonard Arthur Magnus, student of UCL, 1896-1904. This fund is used to assist male students in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences.
J.B. Benson Bursary Fund Founded in 1978 under the will of Dr J.B. Benson, student at UCL 1864-73, member of UCL Committee 1907-22 and Fellow of UCL, who died on 14 November 1930.
John McNeal Dodgson Students Assistance Fund Founded in 1990 in memory of John McNeal Dodgson (1928-90), MA FSA, Professor of English and Dean of Students at University College London and Fellow of UCL, in recognition of his achievements in his field of study and his contribution over thirty-one years to the life of UCL and the welfare of its students. This fund is restricted to UK nationals only.
Prankerd-Jones Memorial Fun Founded in 1983 by the subscribers to the Prankerd-Jones Memorial Fund, in memory of Nicola Prankerd (a former student of the School of Medicine, 1976-82), her brother, Richard Prankerd and Alison Jones (a former student of the Slade School of Fine Art, 1976-80) all of whom were murdered in Zimbabwe in 1982. The Fund was subscribed to by their families and relatives, the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, The "Friends of University College" and many other benefactors. This fund is used to assist overseas students in the Medical School and the Slade School of Fine Art.
Trades Union Hardship Bursaries Founded in 1997 by members of staff of UCL.
Warr Bursary Founded in 1886 by Professor Warr.
Department of Information Studies Hardship Fund (formerly SLAIS) Established in 2000 from a donation made to the college. This fund is used to assist students from the the Department of Information Studies.
UCL UG Hardship Fund Established in 2007. This fund is restricted to UK and EU Undergraduate students only.

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