Useful links and Guides

General support with finances from external agencies – Please note UCL does not endorse the following links. We believe the links below maybe useful in supporting students during their time at UCL.

HC2 - Medical Exemption Certificate

The NHS low income scheme can be a life saver for 90% of home students as it’s worked out on your income – not your parents as long as you don’t live with them. If you’re earning less than £16,000 a year, then you can get full help with your travel, prescriptions, dental and opticians bills on the NHS.

You’ll have to fill in a HC1 form – it’s quite lengthy but will be worth it for the certificate. Bear in mind that any money from student loans, your parents and a part-time job all count, so be honest. If you earn slightly more than £16,000 you can apply using a HS3 form instead – this won’t give you full help, but it will help to cut down on costs. Keep in mind that the certificate lasts for a year, so you have to renew it each year.

Student Health Association Assistance Fund helps students with disabilities to keep up with their studies. The maximum amount of each award is £500 and students must be involved in higher education on a full-time or nearly full-time basis.

For further information regarding NHS bursary funding please visit the NHS ‘Customer Enquiries’ section of the NHS website.

Before you can understand money, it is important to understand some of the jargon used in the world of money. MyBnk offers a great tool called the "Jargon Buster" to help with this. Check it out

The Money Advice website is excellent for all round student support. It has a very good budget planner as well as other very useful tools, such as choosing a student bank account, and a link to some useful guides from The National Association of Student Money Advisers.

The UCAS website has some basic money advice tools on figuring out a budget, balancing your work and studies and Managing debts.

Step Change previously known as The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CSSS)

The Which website offers a comprehensive guide to university finance. offers schemes to help low-income families or people with disabilities by offering computers at reduced cost, or grants large enough to cover all or part of the cost of computer hardware.


The Student Loans Company's (SLC) own Money Matters e-magazine is a must read to help students get a better understanding of the Student Finance process and making their money go further.

For students wanting to know just the facts, we recommended students check out the handy and easy to read SLC fact sheets and guides Credit action money manual

Martin Lewis money saving expert’s guide to university finance

This is Money has an essential guide to help students manage their money better whilst at University.