Cost of Attendance

Before you can go ahead and budget your weekly/monthly expenditure it is only sensible to have a rough idea of how much it will cost to attend University College London in the first place. Below we have provided an estimated guidance for cost of attendance. Please note this is only a approximate guidance and can change depending on individual circumstances.

A total cost of around £387 per week is considered to be a reasonable average over a 39-week year for a undergraduate student and 52 week year for postgraduates. (this includes the 30-week UCL academic year plus Christmas and Easter vacations). However many students will manage to live on significantly less than the average.

Estimating ‘average’ costs is difficult because there’s no such thing as an ‘average’ student – it all depends on factors like your accommodation, course and which part of London you are living in, plus your personal circumstances, for some students this will influence the grants, loans and benefits you’re entitled to.

The estimated costs below are for students living and studying in London for the 2017/2018 academic year. You should expect your total average living cost to be approx £15,103 each academic year (39 weeks) for undergraduates and approx £20,124 each academic year (52 weeks) for postgraduates . This breaks down as follows:

  Per Year (39 weeks)
Per week (39/52 weeks)
Rent £8,034 £206.00 (average)
Food £1,950 £50.00
Household goods
£390 £10.00
Insurance £64.74 £1.66
Personal Items * £2,223 £57.00
Leisure Items ** £975 £25.00
Travel *** £881.40 £22.60
Books and Equipment (Includes laptop)
£585 £15.00

* Personal items -Clothing, mobile phone bills, medical expenses, toiletries and other small personal items.

** Leisure item - Hobbies, sport, entertainment subscriptions, social and cultural activities

***Travel can vary according to where your accommodation is located. This is the price for a weekly zone 1 Student Oyster pass.

Essential items such as food and drink cost much the same as they do in other parts of the UK and in many cases can be cheaper. Many of UCL's students stay in catered accommodation which also brings their living costs down.

If you’re an international student considering study in the UK, take a look at the international student calculator to help you work out how to manage your money and build a budget for living and studying in the UK. It’s important for you to ensure you have sufficient funds before leaving home.

Type Occupancy Average Cost Per Week Length of Tenancy Catering* Inclusive Bills
UCL Halls Single£206 39 weeks Breakfast & Dinner from Mon - Fri Internet & utility
UCL Halls Twin£155 39 weeks Breakfast & Dinner from Mon - Fri Internet & utility
UCL Houses Single £186 39 weeks Self Catering Internet & utility
UCL Houses Twin£120 39 weeks Self Catering Internet & utility
Intercollegiate Halls Single £206 39 weeks Breakfast & Dinner from Mon - Fri Internet & utility
Intercollegiate Halls Twin £137 39 weeks Breakfast & Dinner from Mon - Fri Internet & utility

Please note the figures above are only a guidance for students. For more details regarding exact costs and the full variety of all UCL accommodation including en-suite accommodation please visit the UCL accommodation webpage.

*35 weeks excluding Bank Holidays and six UCL closure days.