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Deferral of Examination Element (Graduate Student Only)


Deferment of any part of the examination (including submission of the project report/dissertation or coursework elements) may be granted at the discretion of the College authorities, to the next occasion only (i.e. to the same time in the following academic session). Deferment is approved under exceptional circumstances only and candidates are normally expected to complete their degrees by the end of their year of registration with the College. Re-entry candidates are not permitted to defer part of their examined elements. Candidates must detail the reasons for wishing to defer elements for examination, providing either medical certification or a letter of support from their Department with the application form.

Satisfactory grounds include:

Bereavement (of a close relative)
Academic (problems gaining data for a project etc.)
Financial hardship

Any other grounds will require the approval of the College authorities.

Application for deferment of a written paper(s) must be made at least one month prior to the commencement of the first written paper. Application for deferment of the Report/Dissertation/Extended Essay must be made well in advance of the final date for submission as given in the Regulations for the Graduate Programme concerned.

Should your application be refused you will be expected to complete the assessment according to the due date in the Regulations. If you fail to complete the element then the Board of Examiners may award you a mark of zero and you will be treated as a re-entry candidate at the next occasion (for which a fee will be payable).

How to apply for a deferral

Students should refer to the Academic Manual Chapter 4 Section 6 for the application process and an application form.

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