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Statement of Student Status

The 'Statement of Student Status' is a document that can be used to confirm your registration status at UCL.

Q. What information does the 'Statement of Student Status' confirm?

Our standard 'Statement of Student Status' includes the following information:

  • Student Number
  • Full Name as Registered
  • Programme of Study
  • Enrolment Status
  • Mode of Attendance
  • Registration Dates
  • Award Details (if awarded)
Q. What is the purpose of this document?

You can obtain a 'Statement of Student Status' for one of the following:

Q. How can I obtain a 'Statement of Student Status'?
  • If you are a current UCL student enrolled on a programme of study at UCL, you can now print out your own Statement of Student Status or an opening a bank account letter via Portico. Just log into Portico and click on the Statement of Student Status link on your Portico home page.
  • For UCL Alumni students you can visit the Student Centre (between the opening hours of 10am -4pm) with some form of photo identification such as your passport or UK driver's licence and we will give you a Statement of Student Status. Alternatively please send an email request to studentstatus@ucl.ac.uk with your name, student number, date of birth and the address you would like this delivered to.
  • Please note that we will not be able to issue you with a 'Statement of Student Status' if you have a UCL tuition fee debt on your record.