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Essentials & Benefits

The things you need to know or it would be good to know. The things that would make your life at UCL run more smoothly and enhance your student experience. From not having to pay your council tax to cheap price travel this page will direct you to what you need.

The Student Centre

If you are visiting UCL in person the Student Centre is there to answer your questions and assist you in many aspects of your student life, for example in providing a Student Status letter.

The Student Centre is located on the ground floor of the Chadwick Building on the Gower Street Campus. As you enter the main gate from Gower Street the Chadwick Building is the large building on your right. Just past the Front Lodge Reception on your right you will see a large glass door which leads into the Chadwick Building. You can reach the door via steps or a ramp. The Student Centre is through this door and is the first room on your right.

You can see the location on the campus map at grid reference C2