Performance Lab: Vigil

6th Jun 2019  -  7th Jun 2019
Tickets £5. Booking essential

Black and white photo of a man sttanding upright moving arms in a circle in front of himA Cinnamon-coloured Cryptic Tree Hunter. A Problematic Flasher. Dusky Seaside Sparrow. Fire Millipede from Hell… Vigil is a wild, playful encounter with internationally threatened species.

Performer Tom Bailey explores today’s mass animal disappearance through award-winning theatre company MECHANIMAL in collaboration with UCL researchers.

What critics said about Tom Bailey’s award-winning project Zugunruhe:

  • ‘Extraordinary… moving and enlightening’ New Scientist 
  • ‘Unusual, utterly compelling solo show’ ★★★★ The Herald 
  • ‘Never thought I would be so engrossed by watching a man pretending to be a marsh warbler trying to fly the nest for first time’ – Lyn Gardner, The Independent

The performance on Thursday 6 June will be followed by a Q&A with the artists and academics involved in the production.

Part of Performance Lab and the UCL Festival of Culture.


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