UCL Climate Event

Bloomsbury Theatre
30th Oct 2019

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Climate change: time for change

As climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss become critical, the world is facing unprecedented challenges and an uncertain future. We know that there is an urgent need for us all to take action; but what does that action look like? Helen Czerski will be joined by some of UCL’s leading researchers, student activists and our audience to discuss this and more: What is the science behind climate change? What are the potential solutions, and How can we adapt to an already changing climate? We’ll also be celebrating the launch of the Sustainable UCL Manifesto. Our new Manifesto encourages and empowers all of us to do our part in co-creating a world where everyone can live together within the capacity of the planet. It enables UCL to be ever-more active in tackling the global climate emergency whilst deepening our commitment as a leader in environmental and social sustainability. Come and join our pioneering spirit to ensure we work together to make real world impact

17:30 Pre show videos

18:00 Main speakers begin

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