Is There A Doctor In The House? A performance and theatre workshop

Bloomsbury Theatre
23rd Oct 2019
18:30  - 20:30
Free event. Booking required.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Is there a doctor in the house? A performance and theatre workshop

Healthcare delivery and the role of healthcare professionals is fast evolving, producing urgent questions for patients, professionals and society. During a unique theatre experience, the journey of Chris and Meena will be followed as they navigate the twists and turns of our healthcare system.

Funny, poignant and endlessly clever, this 20 minute performance will drop in on key moments of Chris’s patient journey, highlighting contemporary challenges in the experience, organisation and delivery of primary healthcare, and its interface with secondary healthcare services.

Following this performance, a facilitated interactive session invites audience members to debate, feedback and shape the actors’ re-performance of choices, exploring implications for patients and staff. This will tackle the big challenges of how to maximise experiences of healthcare engagement for patients and staff and improve healthcare organisation and teamwork.

A must-see for students, healthcare professionals, patients and policymakers interested in change. This forum provides an exceptional opportunity to critically reflect and to imagine future solutions.

Audience Reviews:

“Really brought people back to the humanity of this business”

“A renewed sense of the value of connecting with people as human beings first, instead of just responding to their symptoms and conditions”

“Such a compelling and intelligent piece, and it’s performed so well”

“People relaxed and seemed to come together, forget about their differences and engage with some very real and difficult problems”

“A brilliant session and performance...we all really enjoyed it”

Photography:                Image © 2018 THIS Institute (University of Cambridge)

Audience feedback:       Audience feedback from workshops hosted by THIS Institute, 2018


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