Over the Moon

Grant Museum, Petrie Museum & UCL Art Museum
5th Oct 2019
13:00  - 17:00
Free. Drop-in.

Image of the moon taken by the Lunar Orbiter 1967

Find out more about the moon in ancient Egyptian culture, the animals that roam at night guided by the moon, and artists that have responded to the lure of moonlight and its power in UCL's free family interactive museum trail. 

The moon and its relationship to our planet has been an inspiration and a recurring motif in cultures for millions of years. The push and pull of these celestial bodies continues to enthrall and inspire human creativity and scientific research. 

Please bring your mobile smart phone and headphones if you are able to. 

Created in partnership with gobbledegook and the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Part of UCL's It's All Academic Festival. You can also join the trail on Saturday 12 October as part of the Bloomsbury Festival 2019.


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