Performance , Dance
Bloomsbury Theatre
20th Jul 2022
£18.50, Concession £15


Hawiyya Dance Company and El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe present Curfew, a contemporary dance production. 

Curfew speaks to a world that is numbed and no longer able to respond to the constant bombardment of news, surveillance and manipulation. It dares to stimulate the development of new reactions and discussions on social activism, bringing awareness of everyday life experience and individual self reflection, helping us to increase our understanding of and engagement with the world around us. 

The dance groups will present a unique performance, bringing together Curfew with Love in the Time of Apartheid, a contemporary dance production devised and performed by solo artist and director Sharaf Dar Zaid.

The dance performance’s omnipresent themes of time - past and present - information, introspection, frustration and rebellion, lead us to face existential questions, whilst living and understanding concepts of opportunity, privilege, responsibility and duty. To challenge helplessness and to facilitate action to change, to become better world citizens, we have a duty and responsibility to channel important messages to the wider world. 

The production does not give an answer, rather it questions the public and encourages us (the audience) to find our own answers by expiring and reflecting on our positions and our actions towards oppression, injustice and complexity. 

Time passes, life goes on. Would you take responsibility to rather keep the CURFEW?

Love in the Time of Apartheid presents the start of internal conflict of an individual torn between the love for his homeland and the love for his partner. Through a rollercoaster of insomnia, stress, torment, and defiance, the dancer draws on his own personal story to represent that of thousands of Palestinians who struggle for family reunification. 

This will be one of two UK performances sponsored by the Arts Council, British Council, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Interpal

Performance is 50min with a 30minpost show Q&A.
No age guidance but is recommended for 8+ years.


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