Bloomsbury Festival 2018 at UCL

20th Oct 2018
11:00  - 17:00
UCL Main Quad, North and South Cloisters
Bartlett School of Architecture and Bloomsbury Theatre
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

Colour picture of a woman posted her vote into a ballot box. Behind her are shadows of people holding placards
Come and explore the city around you, start an activist campaign, and discover the future of art, science and artificial intelligence at the Bloomsbury Festival's free UCL Hub.

Find your inner radical and drop-in to UCL workshops and track your brain’s electrical activity, find out what robots can tell from your facial expressions, and get competitive with our activist card games. 

Discover how cutting-edge research can transform our lives: from architecture to healthcare, from cities to social inequality.  Have a go at graffiti, banner making and how to use the dark web, with artists, activists and specialists on-hand.

As the sun goes down, take a seat at the Bloomsbury Theatre for an evening performance or explore the special Late programme presented by The Bartlett and STEaPP.

All the Bloomsbury Festival events and spaces at the UCL Hub are free and open to everyone. Click below to see the full programme or download it here.


UCL Museums
Take an adventure through the objects on display at the Grant Museum of Zoology, The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and UCL Art Museum. 

Back to the Future: Saving Animals from Extinction
Grant Museum of Zoology. 13:00-16:00
Become an activist to help save species under threat. Handle real Museum specimens and find out more about the campaigns that saved some of our most endangered animals.

Disrupters and Innovators
Octagon Gallery. 09:00-19:00
Explore journeys towards gender equality at UCL through the stories of early 20th century women whose lives and careers were shaped at UCL. 

Rogue Objects
North Cloisters. 09:00-19:00
Four artists explore what it means to behave or respond in an unusual or unacceptable way. This exhibition challenges accepted histories, practices and forms of knowledge that make up ‘culture’. 


Free film screenings in the Garden Room.

Do I See What You See?
A film that asks how changes in the brain cause us to see differently; and what if dementia did not affect your memory but affected your vision?

Faces of Women in Mathematics
A short film inspired by the incredible women mathematicians around the globe. Produced by Dr Eugenie Hunsicker, Chair of the London Mathematical Society's Women in Mathematics Committee and her filmmaker sister, Irene Linke. Join us for a panel discussion about the film at 14:30 in the Institute of Advanced Studies.


Discover how cutting-edge research can transform our lives - or meet artists and get creative with free workshops designed to help you find your inner activist.

Observatory. 11:00-17:00
Recording workshop of real life activists in Bloomsbury.

Agonism / Antagonism
North Lodge. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
What can virtual reality tell us about the evolutionary phenomena of sexual antagonism and sexual dimorphism? Explore these fascinating aspects of evolution through two artworks here, and see more in the Grant Museum of Zoology’s exhibition.

Becoming a Machine
North Cloisters. 11:00-16:00
Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. Try out the machines here and see how they can detect gender and emotions from people’s facial expressions.

Can it Read my Mind?
Haldane Room. 11:00-16:00
Try on a MUSE scientific headband to record the electrical activity in your brain. Researchers from the Institute of Education will explain how this technology can tell you more about the brain, autism and wellbeing. 

Drawing Inequality
North Cloisters. 11:30-13:30
What can objects tell us about inequalities in the built environment? Learn how you can observe, record and draw using architecture research from The Bartlett and the Dis/Ordinary Architecture Project.

Flatpack Pavillion
UCL Main Quad. 11:00-13:00
Help us build a huge structure with the public and UCL researchers. Using simple construction methods, together we’ll create something impressive and new. 

Guerrilla Art
UCL Main Quad. 13:00-17:00
Find street artist Jonathan Huxley and watch him create a large scale work of art on the Hub’s site over the course of the day.

Guerilla Urbanism Workshop
South Cloisters. 13:00-15:00
Learn how to become a guerrilla urbanist and change the city around you! Join our workshop, take photographs and share your interventions. #GuerrillaUrbanism

Health Myth Busters
North Cloisters. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
Play our card game to test your knowledge about cancer and its causes. Can you tell what’s true – and what’s myth?

Humans Make Plastic
North Cloisters. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
Join us to make your own mobile art out of plastic pollution, with artist Camilla Brendon. Find out what research UCL is doing into plastic and conservation.

I Am Here Too
Free. Drop-in 11:00-17:00
A meditation on homelessness with communities in Bloomsbury. Explore this mixed media installation at the intersections of art, activism and charity.

North Cloisters. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
Discover how quickly infectious disease spreads and how technology can prevent outbreaks. Volunteer to become infected with our false disease on the day, and digitally track how the disease changes. 

UCL South Cloisters. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
The Markathon combines a market place and a hackathon. Come and explore projects around pollution, the HS2 railway and more, with UCL research groups ExCiteS and Horizon 2010 alongside community groups. 

Medical Imaging: Looking Under the Skin
North Cloisters. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-16:00
People have long sought to understand what lies beneath the skin: from Victorian surgeon and illustrator Charles Bell, to cutting-edge medical research. Try your hand at medical illustration and find out about modern research today.

Objects in Time
UCL Whistler Room. Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-17:00
Experience the Objects in Time installation and step outside of your own world. A blindfolded dinner where, using only sound and touch, you experience a different family’s reality living with dementia.

Speaker's Corner
Octagon Gallery. 13:00, 15:00 and 15:30
Come and listen to a story about experiences in the city - or make your voice heard with MC artist/activist Dr Naomi Paxton. 

Talking Life
Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-17:00
An interactive telephone sharing the personal stories and life observations of people living with dementias and their loved ones, taken from the Talking Life podcast series

Vagina Museum
Free to all. Drop-in 11:00-17:00
'Is my vagina normal?' This is a question almost every vagina-owner has asked themselves at some point. But just like fingerprints, no two vaginas are the same. Find out more in this pop up exhibition.


Free music, art and theatre outiside on the Stage.

The St James' Gardens Project
A theatre project about the exhumation at St James Gardens, the social history of Euston and a community under threat (again) by railway-driven development.

The Choir with No Name
Your chance to encounter a choir for people that have experienced homelessness, and found a new passion through song and creativity.

My Body is Present. Homage to Ana Mendieta. Part III
Visual artist Adelaide Damoah explores the colour black in this live art performance.

Serena Nagha
Contemporary poetry, exploring spirituality, urbanism and womanhood.

Framewalks Dance Theatre
Five young women are driven by ambition to pursue their goals. As they step out the door into the city, they dive into a sea of sound that never ceases. 

Ethel Smythe's March of the Women
You’re invited to sing Ethel Smythe's famous song, March of the Women. Composed in 1910, it became the official anthem for the Women's Social and Political Union. Come and join the rehearsals 45 minutes before the performance.

Mary, Mary...
A theatre piece on the life of Mary Wollstonecraft, a prominent advocate for women's rights in the 18th century.

A Couple of Questions with a Bunch of Answers
Through the lens of documentary theatre, Be*wilder Theatre present a tapestry of questions and answers from everyday activists.


Join the conversation with researchers and creatives at the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Fawcett Legacy
11:00-12noon sign-up; 12noon-13:00 workshops; 13:15-14:15 panel discussion
Find out more about the ‘Fawcett legacy’ and how female leadership is pioneering meaningful development and activism in this workshop and guest panel.

Faces of Women in Mathematics
Meet the filmmakers behind Faces of Women in Mathematics in this panel discussion and ask them about their inspiring film (screening in the Garden Room 11:00-13:30)

Graffiti Art
Join Professor Richard Clay in conversation about graffiti, from ancient daubings to today’s street artists. Part of the Rogue Objects exhibition on display in the North Cloisters.

Walks and Tours

Bricks + Mortals
12noon-13:00. Meet at Warren Street Tube Station
Take a walking tour of UCL buildings in Bloomsbury and discover the pivotal role UCL played in establishing eugenics – the science of improving human populations by selective breeding.

Urban Tours
14:00-15:00 skateboarding and the city. 15:30-16:30 photography and gender. Meet at UCL main quad
Join our creative tours of Bloomsbury to discover something new in a familiar landscape and find out how inclusive our city is! 
If you have any access requirements please call 020 3108 7337 or email architecture.comms@ucl.ac.uk with the subject line ACCESS

Hide & Seek: A Queer Tour of Bloomsbury
15:00-17:00. Meet at Jeremy Bentham
From writers and artists to cruisers and boozers, this walk reveals the people and places that have contributed to the area’s queer histories. 

Explore more at UCL

The Bartlett School of Architecture 
Complete your day at The Bartlett and STEaPP Late (Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy). Free life drawing, storytelling, radical discussions, urban tours, music and drinks at the bar. Find out more

Bloomsbury Theatre
The Festival presents a special programme of new writing and ground-breaking performance in the Bloomsbury Studio space. Find out more

Plan your Visit

All UCL Hub events are taking place in and around the Bloomsbury university campus. UCL Maps can help you find your way around the campus. 

If you have any access requirements please call 020 3108 1000 or email ticketing@ucl.ac.uk.

Programme information subject to change.

A black rectangle with the words 'BLOOMSBURY FESTIVAL' in white
The Bloomsbury Festival is taking place between Wednesday 17 and Sunday 21 October 2018. The festival stretches between Euston Square and Holborn in the middle of central London. Find out more at bloomsburyfestival.org.uk

With thanks to the Institute of Advanced Studies.


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