Bloomsbury Festival: Bits and Bobs

Bloomsbury Studio
20th Oct 2019
Tickets: £5

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Where does friendship end when death begins? How do our memories entangle our daily lives? Bits and Bobs is a hard-hitting play about a friendship dealing with the aftermath of suicide. The play explores the tough reality of conversations never had about mental health. In a series of non-linear vignettes they ask hard hitting questions about friendship and death.

How will they get through University together with Cody’s head stuck in space and Addie constantly distracted by dogs? Addie Uglow and Cody Freischlag are best friends in real life. They argue, swear, and drink far too much. While pursuing a Masters degree in theatre they found themselves in the pub night after night where they’ve written the majority of their script. Following a successful premiere at RADA, Bits and Bobs comes to Bloomsbury Festival.

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