Agonism / Antagonism

20th Sep 2018  -  21st Dec 2018
13:00  - 17:00
Grant Museum of Zoology
Free. Open Monday - Saturday

Colour photo of a sculpture, made of clear, thin strands of plastic which are tangled against a black background
In Darwin’s world of ‘survival of the fittest’, what happens when evolution affects genders differently?

Explore the uneasy alliance that exists between males and females of a species in this free exhibition by artist Neus Torres Tamarit, with scientists Dr Max Reuter and Ben Murray.

To create this new exhibition, the artist worked in Dr Reuter's laboratory as part of a residency in the UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, where they are researching sexual antagonism: a genetic tug of war between the sexes.

In sexually reproducing species, the genetic needs of different genders are often in direct conflict. Working with fruit flies, the researchers explore how males and females can change to benefit their reproductive roles, by transforming their reproductive organs, body sizes or colouration. Genetic changes may be beneficial to one sex - but detrimental to another. 

Come and discover these ideas at the Grant Museum of Zoology, through sculpture, installation and digital animations. 

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