External Genitalia of an Intersex Individual

This specimen shows the external genitalia of an intersex individual.

Please note that this page includes images of human remains.

Specimen showing external genitalia of an intersex individual, photographed against a black background

The term intersex refers to someone whose biological sex cannot be classified according to medical norms. It is not a discrete category, but a socially constructed one reflecting the natural biological variation that exists between anatomy that is considered clearly male or clearly female. Intersex variations can occur as a result of genetic, chromosomal or hormonal variations or some combination of these three elements. 

The case history for this specimen states:
‘From male of 19 who was brought up as a girl and trained as a scullery maid.’ While the record provides details about the specific anatomical features of this specimen, no further information is given about the individual. This illustrates the way that the context in which an object or specimen is originally collected and used influences the information that is recorded. 

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