Primary Schools

At school

We run workshops for Key Stage 2 children based on handling genuine museum objects. Workshops take place in the classroom, and support curriculum topics.

We are funded by the University’s Widening Participation programme so all such outreach is offered to state-funded Primary schools in London with a high proportion of pupils who meet those criteria. Only 100 workshops are available each academic year, all workshops are free. For enquiries contact the Head of Schools Engagement celine.west@ucl.ac.uk

Children doing museum activity

Outreach topics

Mummification: Introduction to Ancient Egypt, rituals of mummification and its role in beliefs about life and death, and Ancient Egyptian understanding of the body. A rare chance to handle objects from the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: visit us for much more.

Ancient Greece: Learn the archaeological skills needed to investigate a range of objects from 2500 years ago and the stories around them. Look at Greek writing, art, games, trade, food and drink.

The Stone Age: Introduction to archaeological investigation. Your class will handle a range of stone age tools and work out whether they are Neolithic, Mesolithic, or Palaeolithic. This workshop uses real artefacts from the Institute of Archaeology collections. Please visit their website to find out more: ucl.ac.uk/archaeology

Workshops last approx. 45-60 minutes and can start from 10 a.m.

At the museums

The Grant Museum of Zoology welcomes visits from school groups. A self-guided visit to the Museum is free of charge. We have a number of resources you can use during your visit but encourage teachers to create their own. Visit Tuesday to Friday, 10:30am – 12:45pm, depending on availability. Booking is essential, please email museums@ucl.ac.uk for more details. Please note the museum can accommodate up to two classes at a time.

A self-guided visit to the Museum may help support the following Key Stage 2 Science topics:

Children looking into a museum case
  • Bones and skeletons,
  • Teeth, eating and diet,
  • Grouping and classification,
  • Adaptions and evolution

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology welcomes school group visits on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 10:00am – 12:00pm. It’s free to visit and you will usually have exclusive use of the museum. Visits are based on a teachers' pack available to download here: Petrie Museum Teachers' Pack. The visit begins with a brief introduction by one of our visitor services team and ends with a short plenary. Pre booking is essential, please contact museums@ucl.ac.uk

We have a set of downloadable Petrie Museum activities that can be used with primary school classes:

Comparing everyday life then and now

Gods, goddesses, and religion


The Narmer palette

Scavenger hunt

Investigating objects worksheet

True or false quiz


We also have a resource pack on Sounds of Roman Egypt that supports Key Stage 2 Music and History available to download here.


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