Learning & Research - Student Engagers

Amplifying different kinds of engagement

Our aim is to broaden public awareness of current research by sharing our knowledge with museum audiences, making connections between our own areas of expertise and UCL collections.

Coming from a diverse range of disciplines, our individual areas of interest are wide-ranging, and our day-to-day research activities cover a variety of methods from archive research, object-based work and historiography, to ethnography, scientific fieldwork and data analysis. As a group, we share a common desire to bring our research to new audiences, and to make what we do accessible to the wider public. Working as a cross-disciplinary team, we also seek to establish links between our own disciplinary fields and other, apparently unconnected research areas.

We can be found at one of UCL’s three public museums. We aim to use these sites as spaces where we can actively engage with visitors to discuss our own research and any connections between our work and the museum collections.

To find out more - email the Head of Learning & Access, Celine West.

Read a blog by UCL's Student Engagers documenting their experiences of engaging with museum visitors and for sharing research reflections that explore the intersections of research, public engagement and museum collections. 


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