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Welcome to the UCL Public Engagement Network. A combination of regular meetings and a monthly email newsletter, the network brings together UCL staff and students interested in public engagement.

By creating a network of likeminded people, we aim to inspire UCL staff and students to undertake public engagement, share different approaches to engagement and create a forum for exchange and interaction. We want to enable the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practice and ensure that the support we can offer is known across UCL.

You can read overviews of previous events on the UCL Public Engagement Unit blog.

UCL Public Engagement Network sessions bring together all kinds of people from across UCL who are interested in public engagement: whether you’re an old hand or a complete novice please bring your experience and questions to what we hope will be lively, thought-provoking and participatory sessions.

Please note: these events are suitable for UCL staff and students or those others who are involved in running public engagement activities linked to research and teaching.

Upcoming events:

Enhancing Student Experience through Public Engagement

8th May 2019, 11.30pm-1.30pm

Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way - Room 604

Calling all of those with teaching responsibilities! This event will give you the chance to explore different approaches in embedding community and public engagement in your programme, module or teaching and assessment practice. Community engaged learning can enhance student experience and benefit communities by creating more experiential learning opportunities.

This workshop will use a series of practical activities and case studies to encourage the exchange of ideas, and we will be hoping to heat from you about how we can support future community engaged learning.

After attending this session you will

  • be able to experiment with different approaches of community engagement
  • reflect on how your new programme/module or teaching and assessment practice could embed activities with communities  

Note: This network event is delivered as part of the Community Engaged Learning; a new pilot service to support UCL staff to embed collaboration with local and global community organisations into their programme, module or teaching and assessment practice. For more information, please contact the Curriculum and Public Engagement Consultant on Marie.Xypaki@ucl.ac.uk.


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Each Public Engagement Network meeting runs differently, but they commonly follow this format:

15 minutes before sessionTea and coffee available
First hourSpeakers on related subjects and discussion
 Tea break
Second hourGroup based activities on the subject
30 minutes following the meetingsMembers of the Engagement team available to offer advice and support

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