Co-Production Collective
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Co-Production Collective: co-producing change together

Formerly known as the UCL Centre for Co-Production in Health Research, we are now Co-Production Collective. We are entirely co-produced by our community! Our new website is on the way, but isn’t quite there yet… in the meantime, we hope this page is a useful intro to who we are and how you can get involved.

Who are we?

We are a community of patients, carers, researchers, practitioners, students and anyone else who is interested in co-production (in the health context or more generally). We work with individuals and organisations including universities, charities, funders, NHS bodies, local authorities, housing associations and grassroots groups. 

Our vision is a world where diverse knowledge and experience is recognised and valued in the co-production of research.

We are a co-production community where everyone is welcome. Together, we learn, connect and champion co-production to create lasting change.

What co-production means to us

Co-production is an approach to working together in equal partnership and for equal benefit. For us, this means living our core values (as a PDF). These values - challenging, human, inclusive, transparent - are central to everything we do.

Latest co-production opportunities

  • Come along to a Co-pro Cuppa session, a chance for an informal chat about anything we fancy (dates coming soon)
  • Join our Co-production Network (dates coming soon)
  • Join a co-creation session (more information and dates coming soon)

More sessions coming soon!

To sign up, or for further information please email coproduction@ucl.ac.uk 

What have we done so far?

We launched officially as Co-Production Collective on 22 October 2020 – check out what happened by having a read of our blog. We have also launched 'Our Direction 2020-2022', a statement of who we are, why we exist, and what we’re working towards.

But this was just the latest stage in a journey which began in 2017, when we started from scratch with some Wellcome Trust funding and the aim to set up a Centre for Co-production in Health Research. We have held numerous co-production sessions to develop our plans and funded two rounds of pilot projects to help us learn what works and what doesn’t when co-producing.

Although we’re now Co-Production Collective, we’re still co-producing ourselves! There’s lots more work to be done (see above for our latest co-production opportunities) and we’re also involved in lots of other co-production projects across the UK and beyond.

Check out our blog or follow us on Twitter for the latest on what we’ve been up to, and make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter.

If you struggle to access any of the content on this webpage please contact us via the 'Get in touch today' button below or at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.

Email us at: coproduction@ucl.ac.uk

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