The UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research
A work in progress...

Welcome to the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research

We're developing our own website, but we're not quite there yet so in the meantime we hope you find this page useful. We are still fully operational during this period of coronavirus lockdown but working virtually rather than face to face.

Who are we?

We are a mixed group of members of the community (local and national), patients, healthcare practitioners, researchers, and students working together as one team: sharing power and decision-making. We have a set of Principles We Live By as a Centre (as a PDF, as a Word.docx) that are central to everything we do.

If you are interested in working to co-produce what the Centre becomes, or to learn about co-production with us, then you are welcome! Everyone is! Start off by signing up to our newsletter (see link on the right hand side of this page) and then come along to one of our co-creation sessions and get involved in our network.

How can we work together?

If you believe that everyone who wants to be, should be able to be part of  a research team, and you identify with our Principles We Live By (see above) then we would love to hear from you. This could be us working together on a co-production project or piece of research, it could be sharing knowledge and expertise, or simply learning from what each other are doing.

  • Our official Launch Event is coming up on 22 October 2020. Everyone is invited, hope you can make it!
  • In addition, #CoProLive (a festival showcasing great co-production) is taking place in the lead up to our launch, 19-21 October 2020. Join us if you can!
  • Our next Co-production Network session is TBC, please email coproduction@ucl.ac.uk if you would like to join us for networking and to chat about co-production

What have we done so far?

We started back in 2017 from scratch with some Wellcome Trust funding and the aim to set up a Centre for Co-production in health research. We have held numerous co-creation sessions to develop our plans and funded two rounds of pilot projects to help us learn what works and what doesn’t when co-producing. We are still developing the Centre. We are due to launch officially in late 2020. Read the timeline of our development in more detail in PDF format, this is also available as a Word.docx.

A Timeline detailing the development of the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research.

If you want to read more about some of this work have a look at our blog, we've been posting fairly regular updates.

What's next?

Watch out for more coming soon in 2020: we will be launching our full website later this year or in early 2021.

If you struggle to access any of the content on this webpage please contact us via the 'Get in touch today' button below or at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.


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