Latest Beacon Bursaries opens

25th April 2017
Public Engagement
Apply for funding for up to £2000 for UCL public engagement projects

We are excited to announce that the latest round of Beacon Bursaries opens today.

UCL staff and postgraduate research students can apply for up to £2000 to engage communities and organisations from outside UCL with their research or teaching.

Beacon Bursaries are designed to increase staff and postgraduate research students’ activity, skills, and understanding of public engagement.

Previous winners include Dr Evangelos Himonides whose Beat Boxing workshops brought together clinicians, patients with laryngectomies and young East London audiences to explore different techniques of speech rehabilitation and voice production. Iwona Bisaga’s project focused on the needs and aspirations of off-grid energy users in remote Rwanda, running energy mapping and photography workshops to better understand how energy shaped their lives.

Beatboxing after laryngectomy workshop. Credit: Dr. Evangelos Himonides

Energy access targets and aspirations project. Credit: Iwona Bisoga

Bursaries are part of a strategic programme of activities, including the Provost’s Awards for Public Engagement, that aim to embed public engagement as a normal, valued activity for UCL staff and postgraduate research students.

So do you have an idea for a project or activity, or a need for materials or resources, that will help you to connect your research or teaching with people outside UCL?

Do you need funding to improve your skills, share public engagement ideas or arrange meetings and dialogue events?

Apply for a Beacon Bursary by June 19th 2017 to help make your idea a reality.