If you're a new student at UCL, our UCL Culture postcards are winging their way to you

6th September 2017
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UCL Culture postcards

UCL Culture postcards

UCL Culture postcards

This term approximately 9000 new students will arrive at UCL, and we're really excited for the journey they're about to begin.

As they pack their bags and prepare for arriving here in the big smoke, we wanted to give them a glimpse of what we're all about here at UCL Culture with a lovely set of postcards. Each booklet contains vital information on our three museums - The Grant Museum of Zoology, The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, and the UCL Art Museum - plus the UCL Culture Collections and the Bloomsbury Theatre. In this handy little format, new students will be able to find out where and when to access our unique collections and performances, and how maximise their experience of UCL through our engaging and diverse events. If we didn't already get to enjoy this exciting programme ourselves, we'd be thoroughly jealous! 

To all our new students - we look forward to meeting you in the weeks to come.





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