(Ordinary) Animal Showoff

26th Oct 2017
18:30  - 21:00
Grant Museum of Zoology
£6, pre-booking essential

Forget the leviathans hanging from ceilings or the long extinct dinosaurs or the gargantuan crabs for one night only we are celebrating the over-looked, the underwhelming, the animals you don't come to natural history museums to see, the Ordinary Animals.

Researcher presenting in front of an audience

Join us for to find the funny side of the boring beasts that changed our world with (Ordinary) Animal Showoff. With Steve Cross as you're host we've invited ordinary animal fans to take to the stage and share their love of mundane animals.

The Boring Beast enthusiasts that will be joining us are:

  • Grant Museum Manager Jack Ashby on Cats  
  • Royal Veterinary College's Amy Barstow on Horses
  • University of Roehampton animal behaviourist Alan McElligot on Goats
  • Punk Biologist Lucy Eckersley  on Cats (again)
  • Royal Veterinary College's Ben Smith on Mice and

Come along and prepare to take another look at ordinary animals.

Part of The Museum of Ordinary Animals events programme.

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