Cats broke the internet

1st Dec 2017
Grant Museum of Zoology
Free, drop-in

One Ordinary Animal more than any other reigns supreme on the World Wide Web: cats. Small cats, big cats, grumpy cats, LOLcats. 

There are over  two million cat videos on YouTube being viewed a staggering 26 billion times. You can’t open a browser or login to social media without being confronted by a cute kitten in memes, videos, blog posts and gifs form, you name the format and you’ll find a cat owning it. Cats own the internet. 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/mIShdNv0Y84


But, why have cats become the animal a generation of internet users are obsessed with and why not any other Ordinary Animal we share our lives with, like dogs? 

Join us for a feline-themed late opening with cat-inspired audio cinema, discussions investigating how cats became so influential and special cat video screenings. 

Part of The Museum of Ordinary Animals events programme. 

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