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Make An Impression II is part of a larger programme of printmaking workshops with schools and colleges. Participants take part in a three-day project that includes a visit to UCL and two printmaking outreach workshops.

The programme raises awareness and aspirations around a future in the arts amongst schools and colleges in the boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest: the four boroughs closest to UCL East and the Olympic legacy developments.

tornpaper strip pink

Day 1- Visit to Campus

Participating schools and colleges are invited for a tour of UCL Art Museum in the morning and a tour of the Slade in the afternoon.

Prints from the museum’s collection are displayed for the students to study and draw. These include the works from Rembrandt van Rijn and award-winning Slade alumni.

The young artists are also given a tour of the Slade run by current students where they make their own etched plate print. 

Drawing prints in UCL Art Museum

tornpaper strip green

Day 2- Printmaking Outreach

An all-day outreach workshop led by Slade alumni 2018, Isobel Napier and Taylor Smith, is run at participating schools and colleges.

Here, the young artists learn how to make their own drypoint prints using UCL Culture’s portable print studio.

A successful test print

tornpaper strip cream

Day 3- Extension Printmaking Outreach 

A second all-day outreach workshop is run by the same Slade alumni, Isobel and Taylor at participating schools and colleges.

Here, pupils are shown how to make chine-collé prints, expanding on their previously-acquired printmaking skills.

chine-collé final print