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What is the most important thing when choosing an art foundation course?

A Foundation course teaches you to take ideas through different processes.

photograph of young women. the girl to the right has her back turned away from the camera. She is holding a piece of artwork in her hand out towards the girl in the left of the frame who is facing forward and smiling. She is wearing an apron with paint on

It is a concentrated year of study where you will be expected to work independently to briefs or projects and given lots of practical help and advice to improve your work. Therefore, you should do your best to get a feel for the art school, this may be from online open days or visiting the place itself. If it excites you and makes you feel that you would be supported there, these are good signs that you will feel inspired to take risks and challenge yourself in your art making and thinking. Choose an environment where you feel that you will be able to try new things, work independently and build an exciting portfolio.

three girls working together on a piece of artwork. Their heads are lowered and elbows resting on the table. They are using tools to make imprints and draw on the material.