Culture - Source: Alesya Krit

Source: Alesya Krit


Materials - Source: Alesya Krit

Source: Alesya Krit


Design - Source: Wai Foong Ng

Source: Wai Foong Ng


The coordinator of the Culture, Materials & Design MA is Dr Adam Drazin, who teaches the core course and is the main liaison for helping CMD students develop a package of options and supervision which suits their research and vocational concerns.

The MA was developed by Susanne Küchler, Head of the Department of Anthropology, with the assistance of Bill Sillar from the Institute of Archaeology and Victor Buchli from the Department of Anthropology. These three provide an ongoing input to the programme through the year for students with particular interests.

Many of the students who apply to the programme have a specific interest interest in mind. This is often a particular kind of material, an area of design or craft, or a particular audience for anthropological work. Staff across the anthropology department cater for different interests, and in archaeology for many projects. Among the people who take an active interest in the programme, through running relevant options or else supervising students, are:

Allen Abramson

The ethnography of extreme performance; anthropologies of land; culture, contradiction and transformation.

Paul Basu

Anthropology and archaeology of landscape; cultural heritage and memory; museums, exhibition practice and visual anthropology.

Victor Buchli

The material culture of socialism and post-socialism; modernist architecture and Urbanism in Russia and Kazakhstan; the archaeology of the recent past; ethnography of new materials and new technologies.

Ludovic Coupaye

Anthropology of art; anthropology of techniques and technology; museum ethnography.

Adam Drazin

Anthropology of design, design anthropology, central & eastern Europe, the home, migration & home, ethnographic collections, Romania.

Susanne Küchler

The material in art and design; the nature of innovation; the cognitive work of beauty; the relation between remembering and image making; the place of material manufacture in gift exchange.

Marcos Martinón-Torres

Senior Lecturer
Alchemy, chemistry and metallurgy in the Renaissance world and Africa; technical ceramics; technological choices; the theory and practice of brassmaking; life-histories of megaliths.

John Merkel

Archaeometallurgy; conservation of metal artefacts; early metallurgical processes and sites in the Near East, Europe and South America

Danny Miller

Material culture, objectification; consumption and relationships; value and political economy; clothing and housing; digital anthropology, media and social networking; transnational domestic labour.

Elizabeth Pye

Conservation method and ethics; conservation of wall paintings; conservation of organic, particularly ethnographic, materials.

Thilo Rehren

Materials made or processed through pyrotechnology; reconstructing and understanding of the processes used in the production of metals, glass and glazes through technical analysis.

Tim Schadla-Hall

Public archaeology; museums management; archaeology and the law; illicit antiquities; country houses; the early mesolithic in NW Europe.

Bill Sillar

Archaeology and ethnography of the Andes; ceramics production and social roles; material culture and technology.

Michael Stewart

Film and anthropology; Ethnic minorities and marginality; analysis of real socialism and of post-communism; markets and anthropological economics.

Chris Tilley

Archaeology, material culture and social identity; museums and tourism; artefact construction, ethnicity, heritage and identity in the western Pacific; contemporary and prehistoric landscapes, topography and monuments; rock art; residential gardens and gardening.

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