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Svalbard global seed vault (Photo credit: Rodney Harrison)


Call for Applications with the NT

Call for Application to CCHS' Small Grants scheme in partnership with National Trust.

The UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies invites applications from UCL Academic, Research and Teaching staff, postdoctoral staff, Honorary Associates and PhD students to its Small Grants Scheme, which funds projects that lead to or support collaborative research between the UCL and the National Trust on critical heritage studies as part of the newly launched UCL/National Trust partnership.

Please browse the live sharepoint site which summarises draft projects for potential applicants in search of a partner
Please note that CCHS is running in parallell the regular Call for Application Small Grants Autumn 2021 (see left handside menu).

We particularly invite proposals that:

  • Theme: the proposal should contribute to the themes of the existing CCHS research clusters (if applicable) and/or the themes of the UCL/National Trust partnership (ie “Looking after what we’ve got”, “Sustainable conservation”, and/or “Heritage significance”)
  • involve collaboration between staff based in different UCL departments, and/or utilise cross-disciplinary approaches;
  • aim to achieve research impact (through scholarly output, public engagement, influence on policy and practice, knowledge transfer or similar);
  • aim to prepare the ground for new, extended research projects (including grant applications).

Typical projects eligible for funding include:

  • hosting a research conference, a seminar, workshop, or symposium;
  • public engagement activities and collaborations with external non-academic institutions;
  • costs associated with a specific project, e.g. research assistant time (UCL HEFCE staff costs/salaries are not eligible);
  • costs associated with a pilot study or the preparation of an application for the funding of a major research project, e.g. travel to meet with potential partners at other institutions.
  • Submission of proposals or draft projects can be uploaded here to facilitate pairing with member(s) of one or the other institution before final application.
General regulations
  • The deadline for submission of proposals is 17 December 2021 midnight.
  • Funding of up to £2000 per application is available per project. In very exceptional circumstances we may consider applications up to £4000. There is no minimum limit for awards
  • Projects will be selected by the CCHS Leadership Group. We aim to inform applicants of the result by 10 January 2022.
  • The project needs to commence and its allocated funds strictly be spent by 30 October 2022.
Claiming funds

CCHS Small Grants funds are paid to the individual's host department upon project completion. As you incur costs and make claims to your department, please keep copies of all receipts as these will be required as part of your final expenditure report to the CCHS.

If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email at the start of the project detailing the amount of your award. At the end of the project, the items which you claim for should generally align with those detailed in your original application. If actual costs are lower than estimated costs, the funds awarded will be reduced accordingly.

  • Throughout the project, claims should be made via your home department(s) in accordance with department procedure and in line with UCL's Expenses Policy
  • At the close of the project you will need to submit :
    • a final report to the CCHS addressed to Research Centre Administrator Cecile Bremont criticalheritage@ucl.ac.uk for review by the Leadership Group. This must give details of achievements against objectives; future dissemination plans; any income from other sources; and a detailed record of final expenditure.
    • produce a research poster (Powerpoint and PDF) for CCHS promotional activities
    • agree to give a seminar within 6 months of project close.